Our History

In 1987, as the brain-child of Standard Optical owners Richard and Stephen Schubach, Opticare of Utah became Utah’s first LHMO (Limited Health Maintenance Organization) for premium, risk-based vision insurance products. This new venture arose primarily at the request of The State of Utah and PEHP (Public Employees Health Plan) as a way to improve the benefits package for the nearly 20,000 State of Utah employees. While obviously health and dental insurance were commonplace, the State of Utah felt that by offering a vision plan they would gain a distinct advantage in employee recruitment and retention. As such, a new entity must be formed in order to collect a monthly premium to cover vision expenses and Standard Optical at the time had 9 locations to serve these employees. As the popularity of vision plans rose, it became clear that in order to satisfy these employees 9 locations was just not enough locations and didn’t offer much variety or choice. So in the mid-1990’s Opticare embarked on a project to add Optometry providers in the populated areas of Utah. This resulted in about 60 doctors agreeing to accept Opticare members for a reduced fee for service reimbursement. Well, as many may know, the prominent religion in the area meant that many families had young men who would serve LDS missions in other markets which meant Opticare needed to build a provider network outside of Utah. In 1999 when fourth generation owner Aaron Schubach joined the company, is when the most significant period of growth occurred. From 1999-2006 the company grew to include 30,000+ Optometry providers and over 700 client and today has over 250,000 members.

In 2000 Opticare added the LASIK benefit which was met with resounding approval. To this day over 15,000 LASIK procedures have been performed on Opticare members and still remains a popular benefits. Similar Benefits Only Better. Opticare’s close relationship with Standard Optical allows us to offer the country’s only “no co-pay” plans with nearly all lenses covered and richer frame allowances at rates that beat the others. Spectacular Service. Our Five Star service team is based in Utah and will help ensure a spectacular experience. Corporate Citizenship. We partner with YWCA, Utah Food Bank, Stand Up To Cancer and more and firmly believe that giving back to the Utah community is part of our core responsibility and we continue to make charity work are large focus.. Buy Local. Your premiums pay Utah providers and employ Utahn’s. We pay taxes in Utah and every lens we make is made by a Utahn in Utah.