Opticare Members

Opticare Vision Services is dedicated to helping you take care of your eyes. We recognize that annual exams contribute to your overall health by identifying early signs of conditions like diabetes, heart disease & high blood pressure. That’s why all our plans have 12-month frequencies to make sure you are utilizing your benefits to best help your overall health.

Better Eyes Better Lives

Regardless of your age or your physical health, a comprehensive eye exam can do more than determine your prescription for eyeglasses and contact lenses. Your doctor will also check your eyes for common eye diseases, assess how your eyes work together as a team and evaluate your eyes as an indicator of your overall health.

Locate a Provider

Our Select Network option has 19 Standard Optical Locations to choose from throughout the state of Utah. Our Broad Network options, with over 120 locations to choose from and Out of Network options, give you the capability to go anywhere you want and still receive great benefits.

Manage Your Account

Or Download the Opticare Vision Services app from the Apple Store or Google Play

You have access to print enrollment forms, out of network claim forms, Frequently Asked Questions and order new ID cards. Please feel free to contact us for your specific group plan summary of benefits for each employer group may have different benefits.

Remember, for group plans, current members can only make changes, additions or deletion during a qualifying event – marriage, birth, death, divorce, etc – or during your company’s open enrollment period. Direct these request to your employer.

Not a Member?

Are you self-employed, current job not offering vision, retired, starting a new company, working for a company that does not offer vision insurance? Look no further. We have affordable and innovative plans for you.
For companies of two employees or more, please review the plan options and make your selection.
If you are self-employed or just wishing to sign up for a plan, we offer a wide selection of vision plans for individuals, couples and families.

Voluntary or Employer Paid

We offer voluntary and employer contributory plans with private label and custom branding options for brokers and/or employers.

Contact Lens Ordering

Not only do we provide the most convenient way for you to order contact lenses, we also guarantee low prices on the contact lens brands that you use.